DIY Guinea Pig Cage

We recently got two guinea pigs (cavies, to the enthusiast) and seeing how expensive even the smallest, most boring cages are I started to get a craft bug. After some research I found that a lot of people use these snap together wire storage cubes and then they line the bottom with anti-pill fleece. I knew I could tackle that, so this is what we ended up with.


For the bottom I didn’t use the coroplast like most people do because I couldn’t find it and since the cage is on the hardwood floor I didn’t see the purpose. I can just mop underneath when I wash the fleece.

I had a good time putting it all together. It wasn’t the type of project where you get halfway through and start questioning why you started this to begin with. Most importantly, the girls are happy in their new space!


45 thoughts on “DIY Guinea Pig Cage

    • That was just one set from Target, I’m pretty sure. I did have issues with them jumping out through the larger openings. So I would reccomended looking for a set that has all smaller openings or buying two so that you have enough to build with. This set I had came with mixed smaller and larger openings. The large opening was about 2-3″ I believe.

    • Well, not having the chloroplast was fine, except that their pee would leave these calcified spots on the floor and I couldn’t get some of it up. So I wouldn’t recommend that method entirely. I’m sure there’s a way to get it up, I just didn’t find it. I’m not sure what basket you’re talking about. If it’s the leopard bed, I made that with fleece also. Or the wood hay thing on the top floor, I bought that at petsmart.

    • Chloroplast is a material used to line the bottom of the cage. Its the type of stuff that signs are commonly made of. Its sort of like a cardboard type structure but made out of plastic.

  1. Did you prewash your fleece? That helps the wicking effect of the fleece so your guinea pigs don’t get wet feet. also you should add one or two towels or something else absorbent underneath the fleece to soak up the pee.

  2. If you add an absorbent later underneath the fleece to soak up the pee, it will help not get the floor icky. Also prewashing your fleece helps wick away the wetness so it won’t get your guinea pigs feet wet.

  3. I dont have coroplast either so I used a thick plastic shower curtain underneath my uhaul blankets and then when I change out the bedding every week I just wipe down the shower curtain with clorox type wipe, then layer uhaul blanket then the fleece. Works great!

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